Guidelines to employers compelled to shut down company operations or send employees in unpaid leave due to the coronavirus

תאריך פרסום: 15.03.2020

The employers who are compelled to dismiss employees or send them in unpaid leave for 30 days and above, are asked to inform their employees that can be entitled to unemployment benefits during their unpaid leave, provided they meet all related conditions of entitlement.

Please note, unemployment benefits will be paid to the worker as of the start of unpaid leave. The worker can start receiving unemployment benefits even if he did not use up all his vacation days.

To consult the guidelines to employees for the receipt of unemployment benefits forced to take an unpaid leave, click here.

Documents to be completed by employers

The employer is required to complete for the employee, for purpose of receiving unemployment benefits:

For employee on unpaid leave, the employer must indicate that the unpaid leave was taken because of the coronavirus crisis.

One must also mention the starting day of unpaid leave and, if its duration is unknown – it must be noted down that the unpaid leave ending date is unknown.

  • Form 100 for all employees – the employer is required to transmit a Form 100 to all employees.
    Form 100 is a pay slips abstract, including wage differentials and additional wage. Form 100 transmission can be performed from any wages management system.

Please note, employers of above 500 employees need to contact us by email at in order to coordinate centrally the submission of claims for all employees.