Disability pension to those suffering from Covid-19 complications

תאריך פרסום: 09.05.2021

​A person suffering from Covid-19 complications, such as: lung damage and prolonged breathing difficulties, chronic fatigue and weakness, concentration difficulty, heart damage and similar complications, may be entitled to a general disability pension if he or she incurred a loss in work capacity .

If you answered YES to all the following questions, you should check your eligibility to a general disability pension:

  1. Did Covid-19 complications cause a substantial damage to your ability to work?
  2. Are your experiencing Covid-19 complications for 3 months and above?
  3. Did you stop working or did your income decrease below NIS 6,331 per month?

You should know that, even if you have received a sick pay too, you are also able to submit a claim for general disability pension.

How to submit a general disability pension claim?

All information about submitting a claim for general disability pension are detailed on this link

Besides, those treated in hospitals can submit a claim through social services in hospital's Covid Units.

Please note, you can receive assistance in submitting a claim in Helping Hand centers which provide help in preparing a medical file, free of charge - to make an appointment dial *2496.