Information about the Meron tragedy - Rights of the families of killed or injured people

תאריך פרסום: 02.05.2021

​The National Insurance Institute expresses its sorrows for the Meron tragedy, shares the heavy grief of the families of the killed and wishes a quick recovery to all the injured.
In the coming days, we will contact the families directly, to assist them in realizing their rights with the National Insurance Institute.
Our thought are with the families of the perished and injured people.

Rights of family members of the perished

Burial expenses

The National Insurance Institute covers burial and funeral services expenses for those who perished in the tragedy.
Payments are made by the Institute directly to the Hevra Kadisha or to any organization duly authorized to deal with burial.

All information regarding transportation of the deceased for burial are detailed on this link

Survivors pension for widows and orphans

Widows and orphans of Israeli residents who perished in the Mount Meron tragedy are eligible for a survivors pension.
The amount of the pension varies according to the number of orphans left by the deceased.

All information regarding the survivors pension are detailed on this link

Rights of the injured

Accident benefits

Those injured in the Meron tragedy and who, due to their injury, incurred a loss in their functioning (even temporary), may be eligible for the payment of accident benefits. The benefit is paid for a maximum period of 90 days of loss of functioning, and in accordance with the functioning state of the injured.

All information regarding the accident benefit are detailed on this link

Insurance of volunteers

The National Insurance Institute acknowledges the importance of the work done by those who volunteered to help others and save lives during the Meron tragedy, and offers a compensation to those who were injured while and as result of the volunteering work (physical or psychological damage), in similar fashion as a victim of work injury.

All information regarding an injury during volunteering are detailed on this link

Disability benefits

Those who remained with a long-term disability as result of the Meron tragedy, may be eligible for a general disability pension, attendance allowance and mobility allowance.

Benefits are paid in accordance with the health and functioning state remaining after the injury.