July unemployment benefits to jobless aged 45+ whose entitlement period has been extended

תאריך פרסום: 08.08.2021

​Since we are getting prepared to implement the unemployment benefits extension, you will be paid on 12.8.21 an advanced payment on unemployment benefits for the month of July 2021.

Estimated advance amount: 90% of unemployment benefits, based on each insured's personal eligibility.

Please note,

  • After completing preparations, we will calculate the unemployment benefits due to you for the month of July:
    If the advance was lower than due unemployment benefits, we will credit you bank account with the balance to which you are entitled.
    If the advance was higher than due unemployment benefits - a debt will be accounted and offset from future payment.
  • Information about the amount of unemployment benefits and the number of days reported to us by Employment Service will be displayed on your Personal Service account, until the eve of payment, and you will also receive a SMS message from us.
  • Other jobless people will receive on 12.8.21 their full unemployment benefits.