Changes in the payment of quarantine benefits to employers as of 5.8.21

תאריך פרסום: 18.08.2021

Dear employers, following the recent surge of Coronavirus pandemic, the National Insurance will continue to pay quarantine benefits for workers entering quarantine until 31.10.21.

All information about the payment of a quarantine benefit is detailed extensively in this link

List of changes taking effect on 5.8.21:

  • Quarantine benefit payment period extension – it is possible to receive payment for quarantine periods that began until 31.10.2021.
    That is, are eligible those whose first day of quarantine started until 31.10.21 (inclusive).
  • Reduced payment for an unvaccinated employee – An employee who has not been vaccinated will be entitled to a payment at a reduced rate of 75% of the quarantine benefit.
    The employee will however be entitled to a full payment if unable to receive a vaccine. In this case, a medical certificate must be presented to the employer.
  • Retroactive payment to a parent who stayed with his child – A vaccinated or recovering parent who cared for his child during quarantine is entitled to receive 100% of the quarantine benefit, retroactively from 1.1.21 to 4.8.21, if the child's quarantine period was reported to the Ministry of Health in real time.
    Please note that payment for these periods is made in accordance with the conditions of entitlement and payment in force until 4.8.21.
  • Parent's declaration – the employer has the obligation to receive a declaration from the parent stating that he is the only parent who stayed in isolation and cared for the child during the quarantine period.
  • Splitting a child's quarantine period between two parents – Vaccinated or recovering parents who are required to stay in isolation with their child, can split the quarantine period between them and receive a quarantine benefit. In this case, each parent should provide a declaration to his or her employer mentioning the period of quarantine, indicating which parent looked after the child on the first day of quarantine period. The National Insurance will cut the first day of payment only for the first parent and not both of them.
    The child's quarantine period will be recognized as one continuous period for the whole family, and a quarantine benefit will be paid to each employer according to each parent's days of absence.
  • A parent not vaccinated or unable to receive a vaccine, who looked after his or her child during quarantine from 5.8.21 onwards – is entitled to receive 100% of the quarantine benefit. Please note, this parent will not be able to receive payment for a retroactive period, nor will he be able to split the quarantine period with the other parent.
  • Shorter maximum period of quarantine – the maximum quarantine period for which a quarantine benefit can be obtained has been shortened to 7 days, or until reception of the result of the second Covid-19 test if taken on the seventh day of quarantine, whichever is later.
    Please note that those who took a second Covid-19 test on the eighth day of quarantine or later, will only be able to receive payment for 7 days of quarantine.
  • Extension of the deadline for submitting a claim – For quarantine periods starting from 5.8.21, a claim can be submitted up to 90 days from the end of the month in which quarantine period ended (instead of up to 60 days).
  • Compensation for employer's expenses – For quarantine periods starting from 5.8.21, the maximum compensation for employer's expenses ancillary to the employee's salary (such as: social benefits and employers' insurance contributions), is up to 30% of the employee's salary.