Payment of a grant in 2020 to disability pension recipients

We are glad to announce that the National Insurance Institute will pay a one-time grant for year 2020 to beneficiaries of a disabled child allowance.

An institutionalized disabled child, for whom the institution receive a benefit - will not receive a grant for the months spent in the institution.

When will the grant be paid?

The grant will be paid automatically in two times: First time on October 2020, and the second time on December 2020.

The October grant will be paid on 28.10.20.

Grant amount

The grant is calculated according to the number of disability pensions you were paid in 2020, and the degree of disability established for you. In other words, each month you received a disability pension for the year 2020 entitles you to a grant for that month, depending on the allowance you were paid.

A calculator is at your disposition to calculate the amount of the grant.

Amount of the grant by percentage of the allowance and points scored in the examination of dependency on others:
Percentage of allowanceGrant monthly rate​Grant rate paid in October 2020 (for 10 months)​Grant rate paid in December (for two months)​
50%*​NIS 83NIS 830NIS 166
100%*​NIS 83NIS 830​NIS 166
188%​NIS 490NIS 4,900NIS 980

  • Those receiving an allowance at a rate of 50% or 100%*, and scored 8 points in the dependency test - will receive a grant amounting to NIS 490 per month, as someone receiving an allowance at a rate of 188%.
  • Patients on respirator receiving an increment to disabled child allowance - will receive an additional grant of NIS 5,341 for each month in which they received the allowance increment in 2020.
    For instance: those who are paid an increment to patient on respirator since January 2020, will receive in October, an additional grant amounting to NIS 53,410, and in December a grant of NIS 10,682.