Conditions of entitlement

A person with limited mobility is entitled to reimbursement of the expenses involved in the purchase of accessories that were installed in his private vehicle, if he meets the following conditions:

  • He receives a mobility allowance.
  • He holds a valid driver’s license.
  • The Medical Institute for Road Safety determined that he requires accessories for the purpose of driving, road safety and using the vehicle, and has determined which accessories he requires.
  • The appropriate vehicle for him is not a special vehicle for the purpose of a special loan for the purchase and installation of accessories in a special vehicle.
  • Within six months from the date of installation, he has provided an invoice and original receipts detailing the accessories that were installed in the vehicle.
  • He is not entitled under any law or other arrangement to receive accessories for a private vehicle or a grant to purchase and install them, and if entitled, he may chose to obtain them in the framework of the Mobility Agreement.
  • In the case of replacement: 12 months have elapsed from the date on which he last received such assistance.

In the following cases, it is possible to examine entitlement to reimbursement payment for accessories even if 12 months have not elapsed yet ("prematurely"), since the last installation:

  • The National Insurance Institute has approved, based upon the decision of the Medical Institute for Road Safety, that the car in which accessories were installed does not meet the needs of the person with limited mobility any more, and the vehicle has been replaced.
  • The Medical Institute for Road Safety has determined that the person with limited mobility needs other or additional accessories besides those determined when the previous financing of accessories was granted.
  • 6 months have elapsed since the day the person with limited mobility has repaid a standing loan due to hospitalization, arrest, stay abroad, and he has been granted a new standing loan.
  • Accessories were stolen or damaged in an accident.