Transition grant for women aged 62 due to retirement age raise

Women born between January 1960 and December 1966, may be eligible for a transition grant for the first four months from the first day they reach age 62.

Conditions of entitlement to the grant:

You will be entitled to a grant if you meet the following criteria:

  • You have no income from work (either as an employee or as a self-employed person).
  • Your income from pension, allowances or benefits don't exceed NIS 8,724 (as of Jan 01, 2023) per month.
  • Your annual non-work income (such as rent, interest on investments, retirement grants, etc.) does not exceed 60,000 ILS in the fiscal year where you have reached age 61.
  • You have accumulated the qualifying period required to receive an old-age pension (60 months from age 52 or 144 months from age 18) or are exempt from accruing a period of insurance.

Ineligible women:

  • Those receiving income support, alimony, disability or unemployment benefits.
    Please note that this criteria is examined each month out of the 4-month eligibility period.
  • Those receiving increased unemployment benefits for a 300-day period.
  • Those who are currently in voluntary unpaid leave.

Grant Amount

The amount of the grant will be determined based on your date of birth and your income from pension, benefits or non-work earnings.

The maximum grant amount ranges from ILS 3,000 to ILS 4,000, as follows:

  • For a person born in the years 1960-1962: 4,000 ILS
  • For a person born in 1963: 3,750 ILS
  • For a person born in 1964: 3,500 ILS
  • For a person born in 1965: 3,250 ILS
  • For a person born in 1966: 3,000 ILS

Submitting a claim:

A grant claim can be filed by one of the following ways:

The claim may be filed up to 64 years of age.