Payment destination

The pension is paid into the recipient's bank account provided that the account is in his  name only, or in his name and that of his parent, son or daughter, brother or sister.

In locations in which there are no bank branches or in exceptional cases (such as a person with a restricted bank account), the pension is paid, as per a decision by the claims official, through post offices, including mobile post. In such a case, the recipient must notify the National Insurance Institute of the post office at which it is most convenient for him to receive the pension. He must withdraw the pension no later than the 19th of the month after the month of payment. If the pension is not withdrawn by that date, it will be added to one of the next payments. If the recipient does not withdraw the pension for 3 consecutive months, payment will be stopped until the matter is clarified.

Please note,

The National Insurance Institute pays the pension by check, on-line mail or loaded-card only to those who are unable to open a bank account due to debts.

If you cannot collect the pension
If, in the opinion of the National Insurance Institute, you are unable to collect your pension due to medical limitations, the pension is paid to the person appointed by the National Insurance Institute to receive it (you will be notified to that effect in advance).

Change in the place of payment
You can request the National Insurance Institute to change the place of payment of your pension at any time by submitting the form Notification of Revised Personal Information, on which you can note the details of the bank account and the other account holders. The form can be submitted at the National Insurance Institute branch near your place of residence.