"Helping Hand" centers for advice and helping prepare for appointments at the Medical Boards

At the "Helping Hand" centers, you can receive, free of charge, advice and help in preparing for your appearance at the Medical Board.
To schedule an appointment, dial *2496
Counseling and preparation may also be provided by online video conference with an expert physician.

"Helping Hand' centers' services involve:

  • Help in submitting a claim and in preparing a medical file.
  • Explanation on claim handling process.
  • Personal assistance in handling a Medical Board and appearance thereat.

The service is provided by a professional team of medical secretaries and experienced physicians with expertise in various fields, such as: Family Health, Internal Health, Physical Therapy, Orthopedics and Physiotherapy.

List of "Helping Hand" Centers:


Herzl St. 1, Unitrade building, 2nd floor, room 509

Be'er Sheva Reger 28, Hishtatfuyot Benechassim building A, 2nd floor, room 307 (Rasko center)ymbsheva@amalgroup.co.il072-3345723

Hahistadrut Blvd. 251, 1st floor, Lobby 2

Holon​Eilat St. 36ymholon@amalgroup.co.il​077-9985447
JerusalemJaffa Rd 97, Klal Building, 16th floormerkazye@femi.com153-37649958

Yochanan Paulus VI St 53, 4th floor


Ehad Ha'am St 9, Koren Building 2, 4th floor

Petah Tikva

Mota Gur St 5, Olympia Park, 3rd floor (in front of the big Mall)

​Safed​1 Hermon Styadzefat@mediton.co.il077-3630419
​Tiberias​Tiberias branch, Hofyan St 1, on Sundays between 9:00 and 12:30yadzefat@mediton.co.il​077-3630419

'Helping Hand' centers were established by the National Insurance Institute, and are operated by a private company.