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Survivors - Death Grant

Upon the death of a person who received an old age, survivors, general disability, income suppurt, attendance allowance, work disability pension or prisoners of Zion benefit from the National Insurance Institute, a lump-sum grant is paid to the person who was the deceased’s spouse at the time of his death.

If there is no spouse, the grant is paid to the child of the benefit recipient, provided that the child meets the definition of a child under the National Insurance Law within a year of his/her parent's death.

The grant is NIS 8,757 (as of Jan 01, 2014) .

The death grant is usually paid automatically and there is no need to submit a claim.

A death grant is also paid to a person who paid most of the expenses for the gravestones after the death of both spouses within a short time of one another, and if all the following conditions are met (in this case, a claim must be submitted for a death grant):

  1. The spouse is entitled to a death grant by virtue of the deceased's entitlement.
  2. The spouse of the deceased died within 100 days of his spouse's  death and
  3. No death grant was paid.
  4. The deceased has no child as defined by the National Insurance Law.
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