Registration to HMO and payment of insurance contributions

​Exemption from insurance contributions

A new Oleh (including returning minor or an citizen Oleh) who has no income or an income below NIS 627 (as of Jan 01, 2024), is entitled to be exempt from payment of health insurance contributions, for a 6-month period from the day of his/her Aliyah.
An exemption may be granted for 6 additional months (12 months overall) if subsistence benefits are also paid to him or her by the Ministry of Absorption. To obtain the additional exemption, one must provide the National Insurance with a subsistence benefit recipient certificate. The additional exemption is only granted for the months in which subsistence benefits were paid.

Registration with Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

A new Oleh can register with a HMO immediately upon your arrival in Israel, in the airport offices of the Minister of Absorption.

Unless a registration was performed at the Minister of Absorption, the Oleh can register with a HMO at any post office.

Three weeks after his arrival in Israel, along with the registration of his details from the Minister of Interior at the NII, the new Oleh may perform his membership registration by means of the NII's internet site.

Unless performing his registration within 90 days since Aliyah, registration will not be made but at a local NII branch nearest to his place of residence.