The Manof Fund for Funding Activities for Prevention of Work Accidents

Each year, sadly, tens of thousand of work-injury cases sadly occur in Israel and tens of thousand of fatal work injuries. To limit as far as possible the number of injuries, and increase awareness about security and proofing at the workplace among employees and employers, the "Manof Fund" has been created.

The Fund, as its name suggests (the Hebrew word "manof" means crane), represents a "real crane" and helps with conducting research in the field of security and proofing, and implementing their findings experimentally in workplaces.

Likewise, the Fund provides assistance in running workshops and training sessions at workplaces, developing and improving innovative security means, identifying outstanding vocational risks in workplaces, and offering them solutions, helping with acquiring modern security means, conducting explanation and communication efforts to increase security and prevent work injuries.

By law, employers are liable to attend to ensure security at the workplace, and allocate budgets accordingly.
The Fund is no substitute for employers' liability, it rather helps developing new means and increase security and proofing at work.