Benefits for a Child Orphaned due to Domestic Violence

​A child whose parent has been killed due to an act of domestic violence his or her spouse, is entitled to a special monthly allowance.

The allowance is paid for a child beside other benefits such as child allowance or survivors pension.

Conditions of entitlement

  • The killed parent was an Israeli resident.
  • The parent's live was taken by his or her partner, whether or not they were married.
  • The State Attorney has determined the existence of a reasonable ground to assume that the death was the result of domestic violence.

Children for which an allowance is paid?

The allowance is paid for each child under 18 years old, including for an adopted child and a stepchild.

An allowance is paid for a child who already turned 18 in the following instances:

  • The child has not yet reached the age of 20 and is studying in high school, or in a pre-military framework of the IDF.
  • The child has not yet reached the age of 21, if he is volunteering in a military or national service.
  • The child has not yet reached the age of 24, if he is serving in compulsory army service in the IDF, in national service, or as part of "Atuda" of IDF (pre-military studies).

Amount of the allowance

The amount of the allowance is determined in accordance with the number of children in the family and the average wage rate in the economy on the day of the murder. The average wage currently amounts to NIS 7,913 (as of Jan 01, 2020).

  • For one child – 45% of the full benefit.
  • For two children – 60% of the full benefit.
  • For three children – 67.5% of the full benefit.
  • For four or more children – 75% of the full benefit.

How to submit a claim for the allowance?

A claim for an allowance for a child orphaned due to domestic violence must be submitted.

A claim for a minor child must be submitted by the guardian appointed to the child or the person recommended by the Welfare Bureau to handle the child's interests. A child aged 18 or over should submit the claim by himself.

The claim may be sent by means of the internet site or submitted at a NII branch nearest your place of residence.