Maternity Allowance

A maternity allowance is paid to a working woman who takes a birth and parenthood leave. The maternity allowance is designed to compensate the new mother for the loss of her salary during her absence from work on the occasion of pregnancy or childbirth.

A father, too, can replace his spouse during part of the birth and parenthood leave, and receive a paternity allowance.

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How to obtain a maternity allowance for the mother or the father

  • Conditions of eligibility and additional info can be found here
  • One must fill out a maternity allowance claim signed by the mother and the employer.
    The claim may also be filed during pregnancy if you stopped working. To learn more, click here.
  • You can follow the status of your claim on the Personal Service website.
  • The notification of the decision taken on the claim will appear on the Personal Service website.
  • In case of claim approval - you will receive maternity allowance in one payment on your bank account.
  • If the employer paid you an additional compensation (such as convalescence or clothing) - you must submit a claim for payment of differentials.
    To learn more, click here.
  • If the spouses wish to replace each other during maternity leave - a paternity allowance claim must be submitted.
    Conditions of eligibility and other info are available here.
Information about benefits related to adoption, maternity and surrogacy, are available on another dedicated section of the website.