Counseling Service for the Elderly

The "Counseling Service for the Elderly and Their Families" is designed to assist you, members of the elderly community, in dealing with a range of challenges that stand before you, at this stage of your life.

At your service in Service Centers, located for your convenience in every NII branch, are volunteering retirees, duly trained with professional courses, who would enjoy to give you personal counseling, help in taking-up your rights, social visits at home and more.

At Service Centers, you will find a warm and relaxed atmosphere, a sympathetic ear to any problem, little or big, and when necessary, you will be referred by the counselor to other service hubs in the community for further care.

Besides personal counseling, you can receive info and guidance in the context of Information Days held by the service for various groups: widows and widowers, divorcees and divorced men, new retirees, etc. You can also participate to support groups held by the service for those groups with professional hosts.

For details on Departments of Counseling Service for the Elderly and Their Families, click here.

Retirees aged 55 and older, please note:

We invite you to join the warm family of volunteers at our Counseling Centers to the Elderly. We wil give you the knowledge, you will give your heart.