Study grant

The National Insurance pays study grants at the beginning of every school year for:
  • children of single-parent families
  • children of families with four or more children, which are receiving a subsistence benefit (general disability, income support, maintenance, old-age or survivors).

In school year תשפ"ג (2023-2022) , a study grant will be paid for children born between 1.1.2005 and 31.12.2016 .
The grant amounts to NIS 1,046 per child.
The grand is deposited in the same bank account in which child allowance is deposited, by August 11, 2022, at the latest.

Please note, if the child is born in a date qualifying for a grant, and learns in class 1 or 12 - there might be eligibility for the grant.
We must be provided with school certificates in order to check the child's eligibility for a study grant.

as of Jan 01, 2022
as of Jan 01, 2022