Who is entitled to a study grant?

as of Jan 01, 2022

Children entitled to a grant:

In school year תשפ"ג (2023-2022) , a study grant will be paid for children born between 1.1.2005 and 31.12.2016 .

Please note that when a child was not born between the dates qualifying to the grant, and learns in 1st or 12th grade, he might still be entitled to the grant. To examine his eligibility for a study grant one must provide us with a certificate of studies.

Parents entitled to a study grant:

Parents entitled to a study grant - and receive it automatically

The eligible in this group do not have to file claim for the grant, and are kindly asked not to approach NII branches before they had checked whether the grant has been deposited on their bank account until the 11th of August.
  • A single parent (single, divorced or widowed, who has no common-law spouse) -  please note, in order to receive the study grant for the first time, you must submit a claim for a study grant to the NII.
  • Recipients of an income support benefit separately from the spouse.
  • A family with 4 children or more (who meet the definition of child), in which one of the parents is entitled, in July or August, to one of the following NII benefits: income support benefitmaintenance /child support, general disability pension, old-age pension or survivors' pension.
  • A person who has custody of a child who immigrated to Israel without his parents.
  • A person who has custody of a child who has lost both his parents.
  • A person who has custody of an abandoned child or an orphaned child, as these are defined in the Income Support Law.

Parents entitled to a study grant – and are required to submit a claim

The following parents must submit a claim for a study grant to the NII in order to receive it:
  • Parents who are living apart - provided they have been living apart for at least two years and have instituted divorce proceedings by law and they have been acting to advance the divorce proceedings for at least two years.
  • Aguna - a married woman whose husband disappeared at least two years ago, and a woman whose husband is abroad without her consent and has not been paying her maintenance (alimony) / child support during that time.
  • Women living in a shelter for battered women.
  • New immigrants - who have been in Israel for more than a year but less than two years, and their spouse did not immigrate to Israel and is not living in Israel.

Parents sampled and asked to fill out a declaration

Those who received a sample message – are required to complete the declaration for purposes of verifying their eligibility for a study grant.
To fill out the declaration on the website, click here.

To which parent is the grant paid?

The grant is paid to the parent receiving the child allowance, and lives with the children and has them in his/her custody.

However, the grant will be paid to the other parent if both parents agreed to pay the grant to the other parent or by virtue of a court decision, and on condition that the parent who lives with and custody over the child is eligible for a study grant, and provided that the grant is paid in full to the one parent.

In order to receive the grant, applicants must comply with the conditions detailed below in July or August of the academic year for which the grant is sought. In other words, in view of receiving a study grant  conditions of entitlement must be met during July or August.