Checking your rights in other institutions and organizations

Recipients of benefits from the National Insurance Institute (NII) have rights in other organizations as well, which may grant them discounts and benefits as long as they receive a NII benefit. The NII transfers the names of its benefit recipients to these organizations.
Information regarding the advantages to which your entitled can be found in this simulator.

Important! These advantages are given under the sole responsibility of the organizations offering them and, therefore, every inquiry or clarification about such benefits must be directed to the organizations themselves, and not to the NII. ​

Senior citizens who don't receive an income supplement due to their income from retirement pension - may be entitled to additional advantages from other institutions similarly to income supplement recipients.
Those whose income from retirement pension exceeds the gross amount of NIS 2,564 for a single person or NIS 4,041 for a couple, and who has been covered for the first time with retirement insurance since January 2008 - can submit a claim for income supplement along with an authorization from the retirement funds offering them coverage or from the retirement clearing-house, regarding the date of their registration with a retirement fund, and their claim will be examined according to the rules.