Fund for Demonstration Projects

The Fund for Demonstration Projects represents a sort of "greenhouse for social ventures" in the fields of welfare.

The Fund supports and promotes the development of experimental and innovative welfare services for at-risk population and groups with special needs, such as women victims of domestic abuse, families in hardships, released prisoners, children with special needs, elderly people victims of violence, jobseekers, homeless people, and more.

The Fund offers a warm home to social entrepreneurs interested in building models of development of future welfare services for at-risk populations. The Fund backs entrepreneurs in materializing models and helps them with submitting requests.

The objective of the Fund is the development of missing solutions and welfare services, which entail improvement in functioning, dealing with challenges and quality of life for our citizens. Programs are run by actors in the community. The Fund operates through calls for proposals and unsolicited requests to the Fund, with emphasis on innovative and experimental welfare services.

Each assistance proposal is reviewed by the National Insurance according to criteria set forth in the Fund's regulation, and requires the approval of the National Insurance Council and of the Minister of Welfare and Social Services.