Work Injury

Work injury insurance is designed to compensate insured persons who are injured at work for the loss of income for the period of time after the injury, during which they are unable to work. The National Insurance Institute therefore pays them an injury allowance for a period of up to three months.
If the injured person remains disabled as a result of the injury, he is entitled to a work disability pension or grant as decided by the medical board before which he must appear. 
The injured person is also entitled to receive medical treatment for his injury, free of charge.
If the injured person dies as a result of the work injury, his dependent family members may receive a pension or grant.

What should I do if I incur a work injury?

  • Conditions of entitlement and additional info can be found here
  • Employee – The employer must refer you to obtain medical care Form BL/250
    Self-employed – You have to fill out a form of referral for medical care Form BL/283
  • One must fill out a work-injury allowance claim.
    A Form BL/284, completed and signed by the employer, may be attached. Medical documentation must be attached.
  • One can track claim status on the Personal Service website (opens in a new window)
  • A message regarding the decision taken on your claim will appear on the Personal Service website.
  • If your claim is approved, you or your employer will receive payment of work-injury benefit based on medical certificates and for up to 91 days since the day of injury. Please note that the approval to recognize the injury will appear on the Personal Service website.
  • To obtain reimbursement of expenses related to the injury, you need to contact your Health Maintenance Organization with a recognition approval and care receipts.
  • or if you hold medical certificates for the period beyond 91 days, it is advised to submit a claim for work disability allowance, the Medical Board to which you will be summoned will give you a disability percentage caused by the injury.