Hostile Action Casualties

Hostile action casualties and their families are entitled to allowances and various benefits designed to assist and support them in their recovery.

Immediately after the event, rehabilitation workers (social workers with a special training) will contact the victims and their families, and will remain available to them for advise and guidance for any problem: emotional, social and familial, and for taking-up their rights.

What should I do if I get injured as a result of a hostile act?

  • Information about eligibility conditions can be found here
  • One must fill out a Form of notification of injury and recognition as hostile actions casualty, and enclose all required documents.
  • The claim and documents submitted to us are transferred for approval to the certifying authority of the Defense Ministry, which determines whether it was a hostile action and to recognize you a hostile actions casualty.
  • The notification of the decision reached will appear on your Personal Service account/letters.
  • In public hospitals and HMOs, if you received recognition approval and financial commitment from the National Insurance. Further information available here.
  • If, due to the injury, you are on sick leave or on treatments preventing you from working. To receive the compensation, you must fill out a Form for medical treatment claim.
    Further information available here.
  • You have the possibility to submit a request to establish a degree of disability, and attach medical documentation. You will be invited to a Medical Board to establish your percentage of disability. Further information available here.