Regulations of the population registrar regarding the addition of victim's name on the ID attachment of the bereaved parent

​Dear families,

We have been asked to inform you the Legislative Commission of Law and Justice approved the amendment proposed by the Population and Absorption Authority, allowing bereaved parents to add on the ID attachment next to their deceased child: "fallen soldier" or "hostile actions casualty", as well as the date of death.

Issuing the attachment through the Population and Absorption Authority can be performed by several means:

  • Filing an application on the Population and Absorption Authority's website on this link.
  • Approaching one of the bureaus of the Population and Absorption Authority, as detailed on this link.
  • Issuing a digital attachment in the Personal Service account on this link.

For questions and inquiries you can contact us as follows:

  • Families of fallen soldiers - on the service call center at: 03-7776700
  • Families of hostile actions casualties - Michal Weizmann by telephone: 02-6463195, cellphone: 050-6284526.