Benefits in case a mother passed away during or after childbirth

​Special allowance to the spouse

If your spouse passed away during childbirth or in the year following the date of childbirth, you are entitled to receive a special allowance of NIS 3,561 (as of Jan 01, 2023) per month. The allowance is paid for every child born at the same time and who lives in Israel. In other words, if you gave birth to twins you will be entitled to a double allowance, and so forth.

The allowance is paid for a 12 months period as of the day the mother passed away if you are eligible for a survivors' allowance, or 24 months if you are not eligible for a survivors' allowance regarding the newborn.

Please note, when there is no spouse, the allowance will be paid to the newborn's guardian.

Special benefit for the spouse who stopped working

If you have stopped working at your job due to your spouse's death in order to care for the newborn, you may be entitled to a special benefit based on your salary, for each day of absence from your work for which you did not receive any remuneration, neither as salaried employee nor as self-employed.

Benefit rate is calculated based on your salary over the months preceding the day you stopped working, in the same manner as paternity allowance is calculated.

You can calculate the amount of the special benefit with a paternity allowance calculator - to proceed - click here.

The benefit is paid for a 15 weeks period at most (105 days) since the mother passed away.

If the mother died before November 11, 2018 - you may receive the special benefit for 14 weeks (98 days).

Please note, during the period you are paid a special benefit, you will not be able to receive a special allowance as well.

Submitting a claim for an allowance or a benefit

You have to submit a claim for special benefit or special allowance and send it via the website or provide it to your local NII branch nearest your place of residence.

If you have stopped working and request a special benefit, you must attach to the claim the following documents:

  • Salaried employee - employer's certificate regarding work absence and salary over ten months preceding the day you have stopped working.
  • Self-employed - declaration regarding the number of days you did not work in your professional activity as a result of your wife's death.