Attendance Allowance for the Disabled

An attendance allowance is available to men and women up to retirement age who are insured by the National Insurance Institute and who require a great deal of assistance by another person for routine activities (dressing, eating, washing, mobility within the home and control of bodily functions), or who require constant supervision to prevent danger to their lives or to the lives of others.

What should I do to receive an attendance allowance?

  • Eligibility conditions and other information available here
  • To submit a claim, with required documents, click here
  • You can follow the claim handling status on your Personal Service account.
    If necessary, you will receive a message to complete the documentation.
  • Receiving an opinion by a National Insurance physician: eligibility approval or decision to summon before a Medical Board.
  • Unless the physician is able to establish eligibility based on documentation – you will be summoned before a Medical Board for dependency examination. You can receive free counseling and preparation for Medical Boards at "Helping Hand" centers.
  • Notification of the decision (approval or denial) will appear your Personal Service account.
  • If your claim is approved – the allowance will be paid on your bank account on the 28th of each month.