Period of entitlement

Entitlement to the allowance begins on the 1st of the month in which the claim was submitted, but not before 90 days have elapsed from the date in which the person became entitled to a disability pension. If he is not receiving a disability pension - from the date on which a medical disability of 75% was established for him (with regard to attendance allowance for the disabled).

However, an NII doctor may establish entitlement to a retroactive benefit for a period of no more than six months prior to the time of submission of the claim, provided that the person meets all the conditions of entitlement to the benefit.

As of September 2012, a disabled person found to be dependent on the help of others for at least 6 consecutive months, and for whom a medical disability degree of 75% has been determined (for purposes of attendance allowance) – the allowance will be paid to him after only 30 days have elapsed from the day on which he became entitled to a disability pension, on condition that he did not receive a benefit for disabled child in this period.

A man or a woman who has reached retirement age is not entitled to the allowance, unless the claim was submitted six months after reaching retirement age at the latest, and an NII doctor has determined that the insured was entitled to an attendance allowance in the period before reaching retirement age.

A person entitled to attendance allowance upon reaching retirement age will continue to receive the allowance after this age as well, as long he/she meets the conditions of entitlement.