Volunteer's Rights

The National Insurance Institute recognizes the important work that volunteers do to help others and for the good of the community and therefore compensates volunteers injured physically or mentally during or as a result of, their volunteer work, just as it compensates people injured at work.
The NII pays benefits to volunteers according to the regulations concerning work-related injuries. Furthermore in the event that a volunteer is killed while volunteering the NII will pay work-injury dependents pension to the partner of the volunteer and their children, particularly vocational training and living allowance for widows and orphans.

An injury during or as a result of volunteer work includes injuries that the volunteer incurred on his way to the place where he volunteered or on his way home, even if he did not leave from home to go to his volunteering place, or was not on his way home, all according to the regulations that were determined for an injury in a way that is recognized as a work injury.