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Survivors - Death grant

Upon the death of a person who received an old age, survivors, general disability, income suppurt, attendance allowance, work disability pension or prisoners of Zion benefit from the National Insurance Institute, a lump-sum grant is paid to the person who was the deceased’s spouse at the time of his death.

If there is no spouse, the grant is paid to the child of the benefit recipient, provided that the child meets the definition of a child under the National Insurance Law within a year of his/her parent's death.

The grant is NIS 8,757 (as of Jan 01, 2014).

Payment of the grant

If you believe that you are eligible for a death grant and have not received it, you should submit a claims form. If you have already submitted a claimfor a survivor's pension there is no need to fill in an application for a death grant, since the claim for a survivor's pension includes that for a death grant also.

Special cases

Death of the spouse of one receiving an old-age pension in addition to an income supplement

If the spouse of a person receiving an old-age pension in addition to an income supplement dies, the recipient of the supplement will automatically receive a death grant, and there is no need to submit a claim.

Death of both spouses within a short time

If both spouses die within a short time of one another, the death grant will be paid to the person who bore the major expense for the tombstone, on condition that all the following apply:

  1. The spouse is entitled to receive the death grant for the  deceased.
  2. The spouse died within 100 days of deseased spouse.
  3. No death grant was paid for the deceased.
  4. The deceased has no child,  acording to the NII definition.

In such a case, the grant is not paid automatically and a claims form for adeath grant must be submitted.

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