Death Grant to family members of a deceased pension receipient

Regular death grant

At the death of a recipient of a work disability pension who had reached retirement age, or who had a disability degree was of 50% or more, a lump-sum grant is paid to his spouse, and if there is no spouse, the grant is paid to his child, provided that the child meets the definition of a child under the National Insurance Law.

Please note,

If the deceased person did not have a spouse at the time of his death, a death grant will be paid only to a child who did not reach 18 years of age yet, or even, under certain circumstances, to a child who did not reach 24 years of age yet - in accordance with the definition of child under the Law.

The amount of death grant is NIS 9,129 (as of Jan 01, 2022).

A death grant is paid also to a person who bore most of the expenses for the gravestones after the death of both spouses within a short time of one another, if all the following conditions are met (in this case, a claim for a death grant must be submitted):

  1. The spouse was entitled to a death grant by virtue of the deceased's entitlement.
  2. The spouse of the deceased died within 100 days of his spouse's death and no death grant was paid.
  3. The deceased has no child as defined by the National Insurance Law.

Increased death grant

In the following cases, a lump-sum increased death grant will be paid of an amount equal to 60% of the work disability pension times 36. The increased grant will be paid to the widow/widower, or if there is no widow/widower  to the child, on condition that the he meets the definition of child under the National Insurance Law:

  • The deceased was entitled to a work disability pension at a rate of at least 50%, for the 36 months close to and preceding his death.
  • The widow/widower or child of the deceased is not entitled to a dependent's pension, because the death was not caused by a work injury.
  • The average income of the widow/widower in the year preceding the entitled person's death was not over twice the average wage.

The increased death grant is paid in two equal installments:

First - upon the expiration of the right to a work disability pension with the entitled person's death;
Second - at the end of a year from the day of the death.

There can be no entitlement to both the regular death grant and the increased death grant.