The five funds of the National Insurance constitute the main body of promotion of social services in the community. The funds contribute to develop, through financing and interactions with bodies and associations, services for the welfare of at-risk populations, by offering a response to essential social needs, such as needs stemming from social limitation and exclusion, domestic violence, lack of employment skills, exposure to unsafe environment, and more.

The funds of the National Insurance help tens of thousand of disabled, elderly and challenged people, children and youth, as well as families in socio-economic distress, to enjoy on a regular and active basis from a variety of dedicated services and products, which contribute to narrow the social gap between them and the rest of the population, alleviate their distress and provide them understanding and supportive solutions that open them a path to genuine equal opportunity within the society.

For us, the tens of thousand of people from at-risk populations who have been helped by these funds, and the outstanding responsiveness of companies and associations to receive funds' aid in order to develop innovative services for the wellbeing of these groups, are field evidence that the funds - bring real improvement in the lives many individuals.

The Fund for Development of Services for Children and Youth at Risk
The Fund for Development of Services for People with Disabilities
The Fund for the Development of Long-Term Care Services

The Fund for Demonstration Projects
The Manof Fund for Funding Activities for the Prevention of Work Accidents