Birth grant

You are a Israeli resident, or the wife of a Israeli resident (even when birth took place outside of Israel).

If you are not residing in Israel, you may be entitled to a grant if you were working in Israel at the time of your pregnancy, or your spouse has been working and employed in Israel for at least 6 consecutive months before childbirth (not including of the Palestinian autonomous areas), and provided that the delivery took place in Israel.

  • You gave birth to a living infant
  • You had a still birth after 22 full weeks of pregnancy.
  • You have adopted a child up to 10 years old - those adopting the child of their spouse are not entitled to the grant.
  • You have received the custody of a child through surrogacy

The rate of the birth grant paid to you is based on the number of children in the family:

  • For a first child, the grant amounts to NIS 1,923 .
  • For a second child, the grant amounts to NIS 865 .
  • For a third child and every additional one, the grant amounts to NIS 577 .

If you gave birth to twins, you will receive a grant of  NIS 9,613 .

For triplets, you will receive a grant of NIS 14,420 .

Intended parents (surrogacy) who received more than one infant from close childbirths, may be entitled to the birth grant paid for twins or triplets, depending of the number of received infants - to examine your rights, please contact your local NII branch.

The birth grant is generally paid to new mothers automatically, and there is no need to submit a claim. Upon reception of a confirmation of birth from the hospital, the grant shall be paid on the new mother's bank account.


Home birth - if you have received a confirmation of home birth from the Ministry of Health, the grant shall be paid without needing to submit a claim.

In the following cases a claim must be submitted to the NII in order to receive the birth grant:

  • Giving birth abroad - the new mother is an Israeli resident  or the wife of an Israeli resident who gave birth overseas.
  • Adoption - theparents adopted a child.
  • Surrogacy - the parents who went through surrogacy and the surrogate mother.
One must complete a claim for a birth grant and submit it to the National Insurance Institute by means of the internet site or your local NII branch.