Grant to Discharged Soldiers Performing Vital Work

The grant is paid to soldiers who are discharged from compulsory service (even if they did not complete the service period) or those who have completed a 24-month national service or national-civil service - and worked for 6 full months in vital work.

Important information!

  • This must be a full-time job, as defined in your particular branch of occupation, in general 8 working hours per day. In any part-time job situation, you can contact us to clarify eligibility via the website or the *6050 call center.
  • Full grant amount for those who have completed a qualifying working period - NIS 10,826 (as of Jan 01, 2024).
  • Those who worked less than 6 full months may be eligible for a partial grant under certain conditions if they performed work defined as preferred job.
  • Those who quit national service due to getting married - may be entitled to a grant on condition they completed at least 6 months of service, and got married within 30 days of service discontinuation.
  • If you have been offered an unlisted job or have any doubt about the status of this job, we advise you to check, before starting to work, if the job is actually recognized for purpose of the grant, this by contacting us via the website or the *6050 call center.

What should I do to receive a grant?

  • The conditions of entitlement can be found here
  • To view a list of jobs, click here.
  • The grant claim must be submitted online via the website with all relevant documents.
    To learn more, click here.
  • You can follow the claim processing status on the Personal Service site.
  • If your claim is approved – the grant will be paid to you.
    Claim's approval can be viewed on the Personal Service site
  • If your claim is denied, you can appeal against the decision.
    To learn more, click here.