Tip regarding the grant to discharged soldiers performing vital work

If a discharged soldier is offered work that is not included in the list of vital jobs, or he has doubts that it is, we recommend that he check with the National Insurance Institute branch closest to his place of residence before he begins working, to determine whether it is considered vital work.

Please note!

Security personnel, guards and cleaners are considered workers in vital jobs only if they worked in the following places: construction sites, industrial plants, gas stations, agricultural crop-growing sites, packing houses and hotels.
A professional worker in an industrial plant (including high-tech industries) who has a professional certificate and is employed in a job that is appropriate to his professional training, is not entitled to receive the grant - except for a worker in an unskilled job (which is not in his professional field) or in the professional jobs specified in the List of Entitling Jobs.

In all the branches and types of work specified, clerical work does not entitle the worker to a grant. For example: secretaries, typists, bookkeepers, archivists, hotel receptionists, and telephone and switchboard operators.