List of entitling jobs

Vital (preferred) work is only recognized in the following fields: agriculture, construction, industry, gas stations, hotels and disabled people care.
For you convenience, we have gathered here a list of jobs entitling to a grant for vital work, and examples of jobs non-entitling to the grant.

If you have been offered an unlisted job or have any doubt, we advise you to contact the National Insurance's branch nearest your place of residence before starting your employment, and check if the job is actually recognized for purpose of the grant.

You can contact your branch via the website.

Agricultural crop growing sites and packing houses:

Unskilled labor at agricultural crop growing sites and packing houses entitles you to the bonus, including cleaning, but excluding clerical work.

​Business field​Entitling jobs​Non-entitling jobs
​Agricultural crop growing sitesUnskilled labor in the various branches of agriculture such as: planting, picking, pesticide, security and guard.​- Security in farming settlements
- Gardening and development works in public parks, private gardens and common houses
​Nursery​- Farming work in nurseries focusing on crops growing, sprouting and sale to shops
- Faming work in greenhouses
​- Management work in nursery
- Work in the nursery's shop
- Work in a "nursery" focusing on sale alone
​Animals care​Work in an animal farm​- Horse riding school
- Therapeutic horse riding center
- Training in horse riding for children and adults,
- Horses pension and training
- Zoos and petting zoo
- Abandoned animals rehabilitation
- Dogs training
​Packing and sorting of farm products​- Packing and sorting in packing houses located on or close to an agricultural farming site, and handling the production gathered at the farming site prior to its wholesale or retail distribution
- Security and guard at packing houses
​- Works in sorting farm products in marketing networks or not performed in packing houses
- Clerical work in packing houses
​Jewish National FundWork in Jewish National Fund forestsTrails marking for hikers

Hotels and cruise ships

Waiting tables, cooking, chambermaid duties and unskilled labor, including washing dishes and cleaning, except for clerical work.

​Business field​Entitling jobs​Non-entitling jobs
​Hotels, guest houses and youth centers​- Cooks
- Unskilled labor such as: waitresses, maids, entertainment staff, bell boy, barman assistant, pool personnel and security.
​- Receptionists
- Telephone operators, cashiers and operators
- Barman with a professional diploma
- Gym trainer
- Paramedic
- Kashrut supervisor
​Cruise ships​Work in passengers ships setting sail from country such as: cooks, waitresses, maids, entertainment staff, bell boy, barman assistant, pool personnel and security.​Work in passengers ships sailing oversees only (not setting sail from the country )

Gas stations

Any unskilled labor at a gas station entitles you to the grant.

​Business field​Entitling jobs​Non-entitling jobs
Work in the gas station​- Gas station attendant
- Seller in the gas station supply shop
- Gasoline tanker drivers
​Security on the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline
​Work in businesses in the gas station premises​- Cars wash
- Tires repair
- Engine lubrication
​- Work in car accessories and spare parts shops
- Jobs in a store or restaurant adjacent to a gas station

In industrial plants and workshops:

Professional jobs in metalworking that entitle you to the grant: metalworking and welding, engraving and milling, electricity, mechanics, instrument engineering, grinding.

Professional work in apparel that entitles you to the grant: Tailoring and sewing, pattern cutting, leather stitching.

All unskilled work in industrial plants and workshops entitles you to the grant, Such as unskilled labor in the construction, food and textile industries and in other industries, except for clerical work.

​Business field​Entitling jobs​Non-entitling jobs
​Plants and workshops​- Unskilled labor in industrial plants and workshops
- Work in logistic center belonging to a production plant
- Security in industrial plants
- Carpet cleaning and repair plants (certified as industrial plants by the Ministry of Economy)
- Work in workshops such as sewing, padding, metalwork and carpentry
- Work in gas companies installation and provider
- Production of air conditioners and solar boiler
- Work in waste recycling plants
​- Administrative work
- Warehouses and logistic centers providing storage and packaging services to companies and factories
- Security work, mainly patrols in industrial areas (and not permanent supervision in industrial plant)
- Installing air conditioner or sun-heated boiler
- Public laundries
- Waste sorting outside a recycling plant
​Garages and centers of car repair, farm equipment, ships, planes and tanks ​- Car mechanic or electrician 
- Tire repair
- Storekeeper working in a parts warehouse of a garage or next to a garage
- Work in a mobile garage (road repairs)
- Farm equipment repair
- Ships repair
- Planes manufacturers
​- Garage clerk
- Work in car delivery agencies, including preparing new cars for delivery
- Installation of alarms, locks, handsfree speaker and more in the vehicle
- Cargo transportation in seaport an airport
​Computers and software​- Manufacture of computer components (electronics) in high-tech enterprises recognized as industrial plants
- Production of software packages on magnetic media
​- Computers repair
- Computers network installation
- Computer software marketing
- Computers programmer and operator
- Computers import and distribution
- Software development
- Software testers
Printing, photography and decoration​​- Work in printing houses
- Bookbinding
- Production of Production of posters and signs
- Works​ in photo labs belonging to a photo shop
- Video and event filming and other photography services
- Marketing and distribution of newspapers, on behalf a manpower agency, or newspaper or printing company
- Assembly and dismantling of existing decors and events organization
Food industry, catering and bakeries​​- Production work in bakeries and pastries whose main activities are in marketing and selling their products to marketing networks and stores
- Food preparation in a catering, or food plants producing food ready for distribution to plants, agencies or events
​- Marketing, sale and presale
- Clerical work
- Work in businesses selling fast food products: pizzerias, pubs, restaurants, catering, cafes, steakhouses, kiosks and reception halls
- Waitresses, food serving and transport to customers as catering
- Work in events room
​Electricity CompanyWork in the Israel Electric Corporation facilities connected with the production and distribution of electricity (power stations)​- Work in Company offices
- 103 call center
- Meter reading
Water sources

- ​Laying water pipelines and infrastructure in the Mekorot company (any work related to water production and distribution)

- Pumps care and

- Technical maintenance in the company's water facilities

Construction sites

Any job at a construction site entitles you to the grant, except for clerical work.

​Business field​Entitling jobs​Non-entitling jobs
​Building infrastructure and systems

​- Installing new connection system on construction site as per gas, electricity, telephone, heating and cables
- Connecting new buildings to infrastructures, communications networks and electricity
- Earthwork, paving, painting roads

- Erecting light poles and parking signs
Installing network lines on roads
- Installing sun powered electricity production system
- Installing air conditioners and sun-heated boilers on new construction sites
- Installing lifts on new construction sites
- Installing lifts on new construction sites
- Installing low voltage system in new buildings

​- Installing antennas for cellular network or other
- Installing network lines in existing houses or offices
- Installing air conditioners and sun-heated boilers in existing houses
- Lifts maintenance in existing buildings
- Low voltage installation in existing buildings
​Construction and renovation​- Jobs in the building trades at a construction site
- Renovation work in existing buildings (anything related to the modification or expansion of original building)
- Reinforcing structures
​- Painting, plaster works in existing buildings
- Roofing works in existing houses
- Pergolas and decks building
-  Waterproofing in existing buildings
​Gardening and maintenance

​- Gardening in construction site

- Creation of green areas on new roads

- Polish (any work related to preparation of the apartment up to keys delivery to the tenant)
- Pest extermination on new construction sites

​- Maintenance work in existing gardens
- Synthetic turf lay out
- Creation of gardens in existing buildings
​Various occupations on construction sites​- All skilled labor on construction sites
- Surveyors employed by an Engineers office on construction sites
- Quality assurance on behalf of the Standards Institution on construction sites - concrete samples

​- Works in company's offices such as: designers and technicians
- Presale agents, even those permanently based on the construction site
- Workers transportation

Caring for persons with disabilities

Providing care and personal assistance to disabled people - means assistance in carrying out everyday functions, such as dressing, bathing, eating, personal hygiene, moving around in the house, etc. or supervision of the disabled person to prevent harm or danger to himself or to others. Household work with a disabled person is not considered vital work.

Caring and personal assistance for a disabled person at home

If the following two conditions are fulfilled:

  • The care is provided in the home of a person with a disability, who has a license to employ a foreign worker.
  • The disabled person is one of the following:
    - A person who is entitled to an attendance allowance from the National Insurance Institute.
    - A disabled child who is entitled to a benefit from the National Insurance Institute.
    - A person who is entitled to a long-term care benefit from the National Insurance Institute.
    - A disabled person who is entitled to a benefit under the Disability Law of the Ministry of Defense.

A person who worked as a caregiver to a personal with disabilities must attach to his claim for a grant a "Confirmation of employment for care and assistance at home" form.

Caring and personal assistance for an institutionalized disabled person

A person who works as a caregiver and personal assistant to someone living in any of the following institutions:

  • A hospital solely for nursing patients, complex nursing patients, emotionally debilitated or rehabilitation patients, including a nursing department in a retirement home.
  • A day care center or the part of a day care center designated for people with physical or mental disabilities.
  • A rehabilitative day care center.
  • An institution for social care, an institution for medical treatment or an institution for combined treatment for drug abusers.
  • A day care center operated by the Ministry of Defense for people with emotional disabilities.

A person who worked at any of the above institutions must attach an authorization of employment as a personal caregiver and assistant (form 1502) to his claim for the grant.

  • Please note:
    The work of a “family member” (sibling, child, grandchild, aunt, uncle, and the spouses of any of these) in caring for disabled people is not recognized as vital work
  • Will not be recognized, too, the work of social counselors in recognized institutions, since their work is not in assistance with everyday functions or in supervision.
  • Will not be recognized, too, the work in the field of social-rehabilitation assistance and in day care centers and Tzahronim which do not have a permit under one of above paragraphs.
  • You are advised to contact the branch of the National Insurance Institute nearest your place or residence before starting the job, and to check if it is actually considered as a vital work for the purpose of the grant. You can contact the branch directly by means of the website.