Debt in Insurance Contributions

The money that the National Insurance Institute collects as insurance contributions are used to fund benefit payments to all insured. Therefore the NII must assure that all insurance contributions are paid on time.

Employers who do not pay the insurance contributions for their employees on time are charged a fine as well as linkage differentials under law. In addition, if an employee of such an employer is entitled to a benefit from the NII, the NII may sue the employer for the amount of the benefit.

Those who are self-employed or do not work who have accumulated a debt in insurance contributions are also charged fines and linkage differentials under law.

Most important,
If you have accumulated an insurance contribution debt, it is important that you contact your NII local branch as soon as possible in order to settle your debt, so that it will not continue to increase.

You can request reduction of fines and linkage differentials and reach an arrangement to pay your debt in convenient installments.