Multiple birth allowance

The multiple birth allowance is designed to assist parents who gave birth to three newborns or more in one delivery.

The allowance is paid to the new mother automatically, within a month from the day of delivery, into the bank account on which children allowances are paid, and for a first childbirth - one her bank account as disclosed to the hospital. If the mother who gave birth did not survive, the allowance will be paid to her spouse or to the infants' tutor.

Conditions of entitlement

You can be entitled to a multiple birth allowance under the following conditions

  1. You are entitled to Birth grant.
  2. You gave birth to three infants or more in one delivery.
  3. 30 days after the day of birth, at least three infants were still alive.

Intended parents (surrogacy), if three infants or more were born for you in close deliveries (for births up to 98 days apart), you may be entitled to a childbirth allowance. For instance, if you had twins in a first delivery and another child was born within 98 days. To check your eligibility for an allowance, please contact your local branch of the National Insurance.

Multiple birth allowance rates

The multiple birth allowance is paid (in addition to the birth grant) from the first day of the month after the birth until the end of 20 months from that date.
For the first month after the month of the birth, the allowance is paid according to the number of surviving children 30 days after the birth. The allowance is paid according to the number of children who survive on the first of that month for each one of the 19 months thereafter, and its amount decreases progressively throughout the period of entitlement, as described in the table below:

Amounts of multiple birth allowance as of Jan 01, 2023

1 to 3
4 to 6
7 to 9
10 to 12
13 to 20
Three childrenNIS 12,305 NIS 9,613 NIS 7,690 NIS 5,768 NIS 3,365
Four childrenNIS 16,342 NIS 12,978 NIS 10,574 NIS 7,210 NIS 4,230
Five childrenNIS 24,033 NIS 19,226 NIS 14,420 NIS 9,613 NIS 5,479