Declaration of Accessibility

The National Insurance Institute attaches great importance to providing a high quality, professional, egalitarian and accessible service to all Israeli residents, including those with disabilities. The NII is in the advanced stages of transforming its branches, work procedures and citizen's services to make them accessible, including its call-centre services and internet site.
Accessibility is reflected in physical aspects (ramps, elevators, toilets, signage, counters, as well as in aspects of service provision (guidance, direction, filling in forms, frontal service).

Buildings accessibility arrangements

Branches and service stations

Measures are being carried out in order to make buildings and service stations accessible.

For information about branch's building accessibility, please enter the visiting card of the branch you wish to check and click on the "accessibility details" tab appearing thereon. Upon approaching the branch for services, every disabled person shall receive the following services:

Exemption from standing in queues

The queuing system is adapted so that those carrying a "Ptor MiTor" pass do not have to stand in line.

Audio system for those with hearing disabilities

The branches have hearing loops and FM systems at the reception desk, Medical Boards, Rehabilitation and Counseling for the Elderly Departments.

Accessible front desk

In all branches, those who have difficulty standing may receive service while seated.

Accompanying the vision-impaired at service stations

The vision-impaired are accompanied from the branch entrance to the service point.

Voice guidance system for those with limited vision

Most branches have a 'step here' system at the entrance.

Help in filling out forms

Those needing help to fill out forms can come to the branch to that end during public reception hours.

Accessible customer service

Staff training in accessible service

We provide our branch employees with continuous training to enhance their awareness of accessibility and change their attitude toward persons with disabilities in every area, including experiential training as required by Law. This training is provided by Mrs. Anat Ovadia, National Accessibility Supervisor, in collaboration with the institution Access Israel.

Besides, lectures on accessibility topics are regularly organized for new employees and in service centers.

Accessible telephone response

Telephone response is now accessible, in other words speaking voice is clearly audible and background music removed.

Telephone service with a translator in sign language

​The National Insurance Institute, in cooperation with the Institute for the Promotion of the Deaf, give people with hearing impairment the ability to obtain call center services through a translator in sign language.
The service is provided during the operating time of the call center from Sunday through Thursday between 08:00 and 17:00.

This service is free of charge and does not require prior subscription. The conversation is held by means of a microphone and a camera installed on a desktop computer.

Accessing the remote translation service by means of a desktop computer.

The service is also available on cellphones, by downloading the "Remote Translation" App.

סמל של אפלקצית תרגום מרחוק

Installing the App on Android devices

Installing the App on IPhone devices

Minimum requirements to download the App on cellphones: cellphones with OS Android 5 and above or IOS, and an internet package or available Wi-Fi connection at a minimum speed of 1mbps.

This service is free of charge and does not require prior subscription.

Alternative to telephone response

As an alternative, you can contact us via the website.

Those with hearing disabilities who have difficulty talking on the telephone, may contact us through the inquiries form for the deaf and hearing impaired. To that end, a secret code is necessary. To receive a pin code, click here. Response will be given within 24 hours.

Transcription/translation into sign language at Medical Boards

Whether you are suffering from hearing impairment, deafness or muteness, you can receive services of transcription and translation into sign language at Medical Boards and meetings with rehabilitation officers, free of charge, from the the NII.​

We can either arrange a translator or a transcriptor on your behalf, or you can bring a translator to the Board's hearing or to the meeting with rehabilitation officers without prior notice, and the NII will pay the cost of the service to the DPI.

For more information please visit related pages on Medical Board or Public Inquiries sites.

Important: translation hours subsidized by the NII come in addition to those to which you are entitled by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Internet site accessibility

Our website meets the requirements set by the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments), of 5773 - 2013.

Accessibility adjustments were made based on the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (IS 5588) for Intenet Contents, at AA rating, and on international standard set by Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. 

  • Tests were conducted with the highest level of compatibility with Firefox browser.
  • The site produces a semantic structure for assistive technologies, with customary use of keyboard activation by pressing on arrows, Enter or Esc to exit from menus to windows.
  • Compatible with popular internet browsers and cellphones.
  • Counseling for website accessibility is provided by the company A-2-Z Marketing and Accessibility on Internet.
  • In order to obtain the best surfing experience with a screen reader software, it is recommended to use the latest version of NVDA software.

Inquiries about accessibility at the NII

Accessibility Supervisor

For questions or suggestions regarding accessibility at the NII, you may send an email to Mrs. Anat Ovadia.


Telephone: 02-6709770

Branch Accessibility Officer

An "Accessibility Officer" has been appointed in every branch and is in charge of all aspects related to accessibility at the branch.
In order to display the details of the Branch Accessibility Officer, you must consult the visiting card of the branch of your choice and click on the "Accessibility details" tab.