Compensation for Scalp Ringworm Victims

As of January 1, 1995, under the Law for Compensation of Scalp Ringworm Victims, people (or their survivors) whose health was damaged as a result of radiation treatment against scalp ringworm, which was performed from January 1, 1946 to December 31, 1960, by an entity specified by the law, are entitled to a compensation. A victim is defined as someone who suffers from one of the diseases specified by the law, such as cancer in the area of the head and neck or leukemia, and is in Israel.

The claim for payment should be submitted to the Ministry of Health, which determines entitlement to payment and notifies the claimant if his application has been approved or rejected. Claims based on deterioration of medical condition shall also be submitted to the Ministry.

For inquiries regarding the submission of a claim for determination of entitlement, deterioration of medical condition, medical committees or entitlement matters should be directed to the Ministry of Health by telephone at *5400.

Payment is made by the National Insurance Institute, and therefore only inquiries regarding payments should be directed to the National Insurance Institute.