NII Council

The highest authority of the National Insurance is the Council, which has 18 members. The Minister of Labor appoints the members of the Council, which consists of the representatives of the labor unions and of employers, as well as experts, representatives of the government and public. The Council  is in office for a period of 4 years, and its tasks are:

  • Supervising the activities and administration of the NII;
  • Advising the Minister regarding legislation;
  • Discussing the budget proposal of the NII and passing it on to the Minister of Labor for approval along with comments and recommendations;
  • Appointing committees for each of the national insurance branches, to advise the executives of their respective branches, as well as additional committees (such as: the finance and regulations committee, the special public committee for unemployment insurance and a committee for reserve service);
  • Fulfilling any other task allocated to it by the National Insurance Law.

Council regulation is available here.

For a list of Council members, click here (in Hebrew).

For a list of Council boards, click here (in Hebrew).

To contact us about matters related to the Council's activities, you may send a fax to the Council's secretary at 02-6709081.

Please note, for personal inquiries and clarifications to the national call center or branches, click here.