Freedom of Information Law

The Freedom of Information Law of 5758 - 1998 stipulates that "every Israeli citizen​ or resident has the right to receive information from a public authority", through a Freedom of Information Law Supervisor.

The Law entitles you to receive from the National Insurance of Israel (NII) information on the activities of the office with respect to matters under its responsibility, such as information regarding benefits and collection, administrative policies and operating procedures, statistical information, information about branches across the country and services provided to the public, consultation of various documents, etc.

If you wish to receive a specific information from the NII, you must submit an application to the Supervisor, even without justification, and we shall handle you request within the timeframe specified by Law.

To view the Law and Regulations on Freedom of Information, clik here (in Hebrew)

Links (in Hebrew) to reports on Freedom of Information Law and circulars on benefits and insurance contributions.