The At-Risk Children and Youth Fund

The At-Risk Children and Youth Fund is operational since 2004 for the promotion of at-risk children and youth care, and the development and integration of systemic programs in the field.

The fund's operation aims at developing solutions for children and youth that are at risk due abandonment, abuse, violence or sexual harm, including children and youth breaking the law, using drugs or exposed to hazardous living conditions.

The fund is meant to be the arm of the National Insurance, and makes social investment for the narrowing of social gaps, extraction from poverty and the future integration of at-risk children and youth as creative and productive citizens, who aren't relying on benefits from the National Insurance.

The fund has significant collaborations with the ministries of welfare, education, health, absorption and finance, as well as co-initiatives with funds and both public private associations.

After a decade of activity and extensive experience accrued, the fund has been confirmed, under the National Insurance Law, as a permanent fund, and its annual budget has been increase to NIS 20 million.  

Inquiries to the fund are only received as part of "call for proposals" published on the website, and in accordance with the scope of assistance set forth therein.