Public participation

The National Insurance Institute believes in direct contact with the insured public and with representatives of the representing organizations, and in learning and consulting in the policy and service processes.
Therefore, we conduct public participation processes on a variety of topics with different groups of the population, for improving decision making and shaping social policy, as a platform for receiving and transmitting messages and information and, for improving and upgrading systems and interfaces with different service recipients.
For us, public participation is an important part of the planning process by means of the "wisdom of the masses", end users’ perspectives and connection to the field.
Following the outbreak of the second wave of the coronavirus crisis and its effects on our lives, we invite you to take part in the various consultation processes.
In order to raise challenges, barriers, proposals, ideas and perspectives in the various areas in which National Insurance Institute operates and to become partners in planning processes and policy directions.
In preparation for the meetings, you are welcome to send us questions and relevant materials to the email address