Assistance in Research Funding

Under Article 36 of the National Insurance Law-1953, the National Insurance Institute (NII) may provide grants to research in the fields of social insurance and welfare, in order to broaden the scope of  information and the research infrastructure in the areas for which the NII is responsible as well as in areas related to socio-economic policy, the labor force and welfare services. To attain this aim the NII allocates, in the framework of its annual (approved) budget, a special budget of funding aid for researches, whose goals and fields of operations are closely related to the Institute, researches that will add knowledge that may help in implementing a social-economic policy and assessing its impacts, and/or researches dealing with issues found on the agenda of social-economic policy makers or publicly discussed.
There are two deadlines for submitting applications to the NII's Research Fund: until June 30 or until December 31 of each year.

Please note that research funding applications to the Research Fund are to be sent online - click here to file an application.
Applications are accepted only if sent through this website.
Applications for doctorate scholarship funding are currently submitted by filling-out a paper form and sending the application by mail or hand delivery (not online).

Thank you for your cooperation!