Income Support

The National Insurance Institute cares for all individuals and families in Israel who are unable to support themselves on their own, and pays them an income support benefit.

Eligibility for income support benefit is reviewed for a family unit, we therefore consider, in examining eligibility, the income and occupations of your spouse and yourself. If both of you met the conditions of entitlement, a claim for incomesupport benefit should be submitted.

Those who are incapable of working are exempt from reporting to the Employment Service. These include, for example, prisoners performing public service, mothers of children up to age two, drug addicts, and others.

A person who has submitted a claim for a disability pension, and his claim has not yet been approved, can submit a claim for income support benefit in the meantime. In such a case he must meet one of the "situations of entitlement" to the benefit (including the condition of reporting to the Employment Service).

In addition, income support benefits are paid to children who were either orphaned or abandoned by both parents.

The benefit is paid starting with the month in which the claim was submitted to the NII; there is no retroactive payment of this benefit.

It is therefore important to submit the claim without delay.