Income Support

The National Insurance Institute cares for all individuals and families in Israel who are unable to support themselves on their own, and pays them an income support benefit.

Eligibility for income support benefit is reviewed for a family unit, we therefore consider, in examining eligibility, the income and occupations of your spouse and yourself. If both of you met the conditions of entitlement, a claim for income support benefit should be submitted.

A person who has submitted a claim for a disability pension, and his claim has not yet been approved, can submit a claim for income support benefit in the meantime. In such a case he must meet one of the "situations of entitlement" to the benefit (including the condition of reporting to the Employment Service).

An income support benefit is also paid to children who are either orphans by losing both parents or abandoned by them.

The benefit is paid starting with the month in which the claim was submitted to the National Insurance; there is no retroactive payment of this benefit. It is therefore important to submit the claim without delay.

Due to the security situation, bureaus of the Employment Service will be closed to the public across the country.
Updates on the matter are published on the Employment Service's website.

Please note that the rights of jobseekers will be preserved.

  • For those reporting to receive an income support benefit - the closing days of Employment Service bureaus will be considered justified absence/reporting exemption, and benefit eligibility will not be adversely affected.
  • Those who need to submit a new claim for income support - can submit a claim for income support benefit, register online on the Employment Service's website, and start reporting in person upon the reopening of branches.

What am I required to do when submitting an income support claim?

  • The conditions of entitlement and other information are available here
  • A jobless person must report to Employment Service. An exemption is granted in the following cases
  • To avoid delays, supporting documents can be attached to the claim form
  • You can track your claim's status on the Personal Service website. A documents completion notice will be sent if necessary
  • In the approval letter on the Personal Service website, ensure if an action is required for continued eligibility
  • Current payment for the previous month is generally due on the 12th of each month, except on the first month
  • You must carry on reporting to Employment Service
  • In case of a change in your employment status or family situation , you must inform us via the website to avoid debts