Maximum period of entitlement

If you are found to be eligible for a monthly benefit, it will be paid to you for the period of time as stated by law for you or your spouse, depending on which period is shorter and on what precedes the month of submission of the claim..

There is no retroactive entitlement to income support benefit. Entitlement begins only from the month in which the claim is submitted, except for those persons defined under the entitlement conditions as out of work, undergoing vocational training or working for a low salary. These persons are also paid a benefit for the month preceding the one in which the claim was submitted, provided that all the entitlement conditions are met during both those months.

The income support benefit is paid on the 12th of the month for the prior month, onto the benefit claimant's bank account.

In some months of the year, the date of benefit payment may change due to holidays. Updated payment dates are available on the benefits payments calendar.