Terms of Use


The National Insurance of Israel (hereafter: the NII) provides information in the online service / informational site on the internet (hereafter: the Service) under the following terms. The term "user" hereafter means any person or corporation which makes contact or communicates with the Service.

The advertisements in the website are meant to assist the wide public by providing general information, initial and non-committing only. The information provided here does not replace, add to, deduct from or changes the instruction of any law or procedure and is under changes as will be made every now and again. In any case of doubt or conflict, the instructions in the law, regulations, warrants and procedures will determine.

The information provided here cannot commit The National Insurance Institute including its branches and units, or create rights that are not given under the force of any law.

Creator Rights

According to the creator rights laws valid in Israel, and according to international agreements, the creator rights in the NII's advertisements, including those published in this website, belong to the National Insurance. These creator rights include, among others, text, pictures, drawings, maps, sound bits, video bits, graphics and software applications (hereafter: the Protected Material), unless specifically determined that the creator rights of the protected material belongs to another source.

The user is allowed to make "fair use" of the Protected Material, according to the terms determined by law. Fair use includes a reasonable quote out of the Protected Material.

The person quoting, as mentioned, must mention the source of the quote, whether it is the NII or another person. The user must not make any changes, distortion or any other change in the Protected Material or any other action which would cause a devaluation of the Protected Material, which could hurt the honor or name of the owner of the creator rights.

Under the laws of creator rights, the user must not copy, redistribute, replay or advertise Protected Material, without advance agreement in writing from the National Insurance.

Inquiries to the NII

For any question regarding this service, and additional questions which have to do with the fields of the NII activities, you can turn directly to the National Insurance through the Site Feedback .


The Service is provided to the public "as is".

The National Insurance will not be held responsible for the Service compatibility to the user needs. Also, the National Insurance will not be held responsible for mistakes in the information presented in the Service.

The National Insurance will not be held responsible for changes made in the information presented in the Service by the user or by any third party.

The user alone will be held responsible for the use he makes of the Service.

The National Insurance will not be held responsible for any damage incurred by the user or any third party as a direct or indirect result of the use of the Service, including damage incurred due to the use of software applications downloaded directly from the Service or that were activated as a result of the use of the Service, including Java, Active-X, JavaScript applications.

For the matter of this section, The National Insurance means, including its employees and representatives.


This service includes links to other sites. The following instructions will apply to the use of these links, and do not take off of the other terms of use.


The links are meant for the convenience of the user only.


Regarding links to external sites, which do not belong to the National Insurance (third party sites): Unless otherwise mentioned in this site, the National Insurance has no legal or commercial relations with the third party sites and the National Insurance has no control or rights over the material located in those websites.


The National Insurance is not responsible for the information in the third party sites.


The material in the third party sites is not to be interpreted as a consensus, approval, recommendation or preference by the state or the NII to those linked sites, including documents or any other materials in them, to the website holders or the products presented in them.


While including any link in this service, it was found that the information in the linked website was appropriate for the Service goals, and that the link itself is in working order. And yet, it may be that over time changes were made in the linked website.

Official Publications of the National Insurance

If a conflict or mismatch between information advertised in the Service and information in the official publications in writing of the National Insurance is found, only the information in the official publications as mentioned will be considered correct.