Fund for Development of Long-Term Care Services

The rise of life expectancy is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century, albeit it now raises the need for long-term care among the elderly population.

From a present and future perspective on this situation, the "Fund for Development of Long-Term Care Services" has been created.

The Fund places great importance in allowing the elderly to remain at home, in their community, where they enjoy a familiar and supportive environment. To that end, the Fund helps with the development of services in the community for people challenged in their daily activities. On that front, the Fund also helps developing and improving services to disabled elderly living in institutions.

The Fund operates as part of national development actions in which statutory bodies take part along with local authorities and volunteering organizations.

Applications filed by public organizations for funding of services provided among the elderly, are reviewed and funded by the Fund according to its defined goals and working programs.

Applications to the Fund are only accepted in the context of "call for proposals" published on the website, and in accordance with the subject of assistance set forth therein.