Pregnancy bed rest

The pregnancy bed rest benefit is designed to compensate the woman for the loss of her salary during the bed rest leave she took due to risk pregnancy.

The benefit is paid to a working woman who is compelled to be absent from work during pregnancy due to a medical risk to herself or the fetus, caused by the pregnancy, her kind of occupation, her place of work, or how the work is executed - if no other appropriate position is available at her workplace. 

What should I do if I went out on pregnancy bed rest?

  • Conditions of entitlement to pregnancy bed rest benefit and other information are available here
  • One must fill out claim for pregnancy bed rest benefit signed by the woman, employer and gynecologist, along with medical documentation.
  • Receipt of medical opinion from a physician of the National Insurance regarding the bed rest: full/partial approval or denial.
  • You can follow the claim status, and the need to provide additional documentation on Personal Service website
  • The notification of claim approval/denial and time of the right for pregnancy bed rest will be displayed on Personal Service website
  • If the claim is approved - you will receive a payment on your bank account 30 days after bed rest's start.
  • You must report each month the continuation/end of pregnancy or childbirth, to call center 08-6509934 or through Personal Service website.
    Please note that the benefit will be paid based on your report.
  • If pregnancy bed rest ends and your physician advise to extend bed rest's time - you have to send us a relevant medical certificate.
    To learn more, click here.
  • If the employer paid you an additional compensation (such as convalescence or clothing) - you must submit a claim for payment of differentials.
    To learn more, click here.

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