Maximum period of entitlement

Period of pregnancy bed rest

  1. You were granted a pregnancy bed rest of less than 30 days.
  2. The National Insurance approved you a pregnancy bed rest benefit for a period of at least 30 days, however the birth or pregnancy termination took place before 30 days have passed.

Please note, the first day of entitlement to the benefit may start up to two weeks prior to the day of the first medical examination establishing the need of pregnancy bed rest. The start of the pregnancy bed rest period is determined in accordance with medial authorizations.

Reporting on the continuation or conclusion of pregnancy bed rest

During the period of pregnancy bed rest, you must report every month by contacting the call center for notification of pregnancy bed rest. , as regard to the continuation of the conclusion of the period of pregnancy bed rest. Should the bed rest last until birth, and you gave birth in a hospital, you do not have to notify the end of the pregnancy bed rest or submit a claim to maternity allowance. The end of pregnancy bed rest and payment of maternity allowance are implemented automatically, upon transmission of birth information from the hospital to the NII.

Approbation of additional bed rest period

If, during the pregnancy, a pregnancy bed rest period was approved and is now over, and during the same pregnancy you need bed rest again, you must submit to the NII a Medical Authorization for Pregnancy Bed Rest Benefit Form in which an obstetrician-gynecologist must authorize for additional period of pregnancy bed rest.

You will be entitled to the benefit for an additional period only if you have continued for at least 14 consecutive days.