Claim for payment of differentials in maternity allowance

A woman or man who is a salaried employee, and who has received maternity allowance, risk pregnancy benefit, adoption allowance or foster family allowance may be entitled to the payment of differentials on the benefits that she or he received, in the following cases:
  • After receiving the benefit from the National Insurance Institute, she or he received from their employer an additional payment (such as vacation pay, clothing allowance or a bonus) over the 11 months from their first day of eligibility to the benefit that relates to the period in which the benefit was calculated, and the additional payment exceeds one quarter of minimum wage. - NIS 1,393 (as of Apr 01, 2023)
  • She or he received wage differentials from her or his employer for the period of work that preceded the payment of their benefit from the National Insurance Institute.

Submitting a request for payment of differentials

To receive the differentials to which one is entitled, one must submit a claim form for the payment of differentials and attach a computerized or handwritten wage detail from the employer, including the additional payment or differentials you were paid.

The documents can be completed and sent by means of the internet site, or submitted at local National Insurance Institute branch.

The claim may be submitted to the National Insurance Institute no later than 12 months from the day the employer paid the wage differentials.